A ferocious microburst swept through Wichita Falls, Texas, leaving a trail of chaos and astonishment in its wake.

I've never experienced anything like that storm last night.

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Came out of nowhere

Around 9 pm last night, a storm blew in with 70 mph wind and rain.  About 5 minutes in, the power went out downtown. The building I live in has electronic locks, which don't work when the power goes out. I was outside.  Stuck in the rain and wind. Luckily a neighbor was downstairs and saw us and let us in.

So hot

So, we jumped in bed and tried to sleep as the temperature slowly crept higher and higher.  My youngest dog kept drinking more and more water to combat the heat.  Which meant at some point, I had to walk down eight flights of stairs and take her for a walk.

Was that a tornado?

I get up this morning, angry that the power is still not on, and decide to go for a drive to pick up some food (I didn't want to open the fridge and let out all the cold air) and there are power lines and telephone poles all over the road.  Several businesses are absolutely gone. It's awful. It looks like a tornado came through. According to this article, it was a microburst of straight-line winds.


And to top it all off, our tower collapsed.  102.3 The Bull was off-air all night.

Townsquare Media/Eric Ryan
Townsquare Media/Eric Ryan

Anyway, it's going to be 107 degrees today. Hopefully, the fine folks at Oncor will get us up and running soon.  We have elderly folks in my building and no power to the elevators and no air-conditioning. Wich us luck!


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