A Wichita Falls man has been accused of leading officers on a high-speed chase, after allegedly  refusing to leave the drive-thru of a fast-food restaurant.

Last Friday morning, police responded to a call at the Whataburger on McNeil Avenue in Wichita Falls.  According to KFDX, the restaurant’s employees contacted the police, since there was a Volkswagen Jetta parked in the drive-thru.  Despite numerous requests from the staff, the driver behind the wheel of the car refused to move.  In fact, he was completely ignoring the restaurant’s employees.

Law enforcement soon arrived at the Whataburger.  As soon as they approached the vehicle that was parked in the drive-thru, the driver immediately sped off.  He then got onto Eastbound Kell Freeway, before exiting onto Brook Street.  After exiting the highway, the Jetta briefly stopped before making a left turn onto Brook.  According to KFDX, the Jetta was driving erratically on Brook Street, trying to get away from law enforcement.  The vehicle was seen hitting the curb, running a red light, and even driving on the sidewalk.


The driver of the Jetta eventually lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a front lawn on the 1100 block of Brook Street.  When the car came to a complete stop, officers approached the vehicle and took the driver into custody.  Law Enforcement identified the driver as Michael McVicker.  He was booked into the Wichita County Jail, and charged with evading and resisting arrest.   Police records also showed that McVicker had an outstanding warrant on public intoxication.


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