Now, this is something that I can get behind.

Back when I was in high school and college, I loved short 4-day school weeks.  They didn’t happen very often and usually coincided with a national holiday such as Labor Day, Martin Luther King Day, or President’s Day.  Every once in a while, a snowstorm would come through Texas, which would cancel classes, and shorten the school week.

One North Texas city is experimenting with the concept of a 4-day work week and is considering making it permanent.  KXAN is reporting that the City of Keller is experimenting with a “compressed work schedule” to improve work/life balance for their staff.  The city also believes that the shortened workweek will help recruit candidates, without increasing salaries which would be a burden to taxpayers.

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Effective immediately, several city offices in Keller will adopt a 4-day workweek.  Starting this Friday (May 28th), the Keller Town Hall, Municipal Services Center, and the records department of the Keller Police Department.  The offices will still be open from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday – Thursday, however, they will be closed every Friday.

Unfortunately, the change to a 4-day workweek is not yet permanent and is only scheduled to last until the end of September.  On October 4th, the city will meet to discuss whether the change should be applied to other departments in the city and if the “compressed work schedule” should be permanent or not.

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