Jacksboro residents are coming together to rebuild their city, after the tragic tornado that touched down around two weeks ago.  From hauling debris, to delivering food and water, almost everyone is chipping in.  However, one local resident is using his profession to help out the first responders, who put their lives on the line, and were there for the community after a deadly tornado came through the city.

Dr. Brad Fails has been a chiropractor for the past 12 years, and has many regular patients who are both policemen and firefighters. After the tornado tore through town, he thought that he would use his talents to give back to the community.  As a chiropractor, he decided that he would give free adjustments to all the first responders who have been helping out with the aftermath of the storm.

Not only is Dr. Fails grateful for everything that our police and firefighters do on a daily basis, but as a chiropractor he knows the strain that the rebuilding effort can put on their bodies.  Offering free adjustments to first responders is his way of saying “thank you”.

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If you are a first responder who arrived on scene after the tornado came through Jacksboro, or if you are a policemen or firemen who has been helping out with the rebuilding effort, then you can book a free adjustment with Dr. Fails office.  If you’re a first-time client, you’ll need to bring your badge with you as a form of identification.  You can make an appointment on his website, by clicking here.

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