A fast-food employee has been injured after a customer became enraged, because didn’t get the sauce that he wanted with his order.

KPRC-TV is reporting that around 10:30 PM on Thursday April 21st, the Harris County Sheriff responded to a shooting at a Jack in The Box located on the north side of the county.  Apparently, a customer in the drive-thru became irate when he saw that he didn’t get the sauce that he wanted with his food.  The customer who was clearly upset with his order, and decided to take his frustrations out on the drive-thru worker, and began to argue with him over the sauce.

Another Jack in The Box employee who was off the clock, was standing outside and witnessed the disagreement between the customer, and the drive-thru worker.  When the customer pulled out of the drive-thru, he then argued with the employee standing outside, and attempted to run him over.  A female passenger who was riding in the vehicle then proceeded to pull out a gun, and fired it at the employee.  As soon as she discharged the weapon, the suspects fled the scene in the vehicle.

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When law enforcement arrived on the scene, the officers found the employee sitting outside the restaurant, with a gunshot wound to his hand.  Fortunately, he did not receive any life-threatening injuries, and was transported by an ambulance to a local hospital.  At the time of this writing, investigators are still looking for the suspects who were involved in the disturbance.

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