We all hate when something is missing from an order, but one employee took an argument to another level.

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This incident actually took place in March of 2021 in Houston, but thanks to a lawsuit that has recently been filed. The footage from that night has finally been released. It looks like a man named Anthony Ramos took his wife and daughter to Jack in the Box for some food. Apparently the whole reason for the trip was because his daughter wanted some curly fries.

The Missing Curly Fries Argument

Anthony checked the bag to make sure they were in there and they were missing. When he asked if he could get the curly fries he ordered. Allegedly drive thru worker Alonniea Fantasia Ford told him no. The full footage is apparently nine minutes long. Anthony wasn't leaving without the food he paid for and the workers would not give him the order of curly fries.

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Things Then Escalate

At one point in the video you can see Alonniea grab a pistol from her back pocket. Then later on she starts throwing things like ketchup packets at Anthony, he then throws the bag of food back at her. That is when she comes back to the window, points her gun at the truck and fires several shots. Thankfully no one was injured in the shooting.

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Lawsuit and Charges

Alonniea Ford was initially charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of deadly conduct. She got a sentence of one year deferred adjudication and completed it in June, court records show. Anthony is now currently suing Jack in the Box for negligence. We will see how that lawsuit goes once it goes to court.

Check Out the Video of the Incident Below

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