If your kids hate Mondays, you need to move to this school district.

More and more school districts are experimenting with four-day school weeks. A few months ago, Athens ISD announced they would be trying this out. The Dime Box Independent School District, just east of Austin, will be experimenting with the four-day school week next year. The school day will be 35 minutes longer and the school year will start a little earlier to make up for the time.

This school district will be doing something called 'Flex Mondays'. Teachers will be at the school on Mondays still, they will be able to take some of them off, but can't take off every Monday. Students will get to work with different teachers on a number of enrichment or intervention activities. Flex Mondays will give the school more time to do things that are just very difficult to accomplish in the regular school day.

Certain Mondays in August and certain Monday’s during STAAR testing will be required. Other school districts that have tried this out have seen the benefits. I think this could be the future of your school week and maybe a work week as well. Studies show a four day week can workout with certain jobs. We will see if a school district in our area gives it a try.

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