New survey describes the funniest town name for every state and the one for Texas is pretty bad. 

Mental Floss has broken down the funniest town names and of course I had to see what Texas had to offer. Texas has one of the worst on the list in my opinion. Let me introduce you to Ding Dong, Texas. This is a very small town in our state, but is real. Now how do you get a name like Ding Dong for a town?

The town is located in Bell County. Maybe the ding-dong of a bell? Well, sort of. The founders of this community were Zulis Bell and Bert Bell who opened a store to start the area. When they painted a sign to let people know of the area. They drew two bells on the sign and put the brother's initials on each bell. The artist also put the word ding under one bell and dong under the other.

So people coming in thought it was Ding Dong when they saw the 'welcome sign'. So the name sort of stuck. So just be thankful you don't live in a town called Ding Dong.

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