Get ready for a ridiculous amount of gas pumps and a super long car wash.

Buc-ee's is a must stop for a lot of Texans on any road trip. If you travel through Denton, you now have another stop on your Texas road trip. This is the third location in North Texas, joining Fort Worth and Terrell. The Denton Buc-ee's is striving to be bigger and better.

This location features 125 gas pumps. I doubt you will ever have to wait for gas here. This location is bigger and better than the next closest Buc-ee's to us here in Texoma. You may pass the one next to Texas Motor Speedway from time to time. That location only has 100 gas pumps. Those twenty-five will make all the difference in the world.

You may remember me telling you about the Buc-ee's over in Katy, Texas having the world's longest car wash. The one in Denton is pretty long, it is fourteen feet shorter than the world record holder. Once construction on I-35 ends, this location will be a prime stop.

As we all know, that I-35 construction isn't the quickest process. So we will see how long that takes to make this pit stop a little easier.

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