The Lone Star State witnessed a real-life Fast and Furious moment when a car smashed straight through a corner store in Dallas, Texas.

We're breaking down the video at the bottom of this article with no context whatsoever, as is tradition.

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The text over the video claims this is at the corner of Buckner and John West in Dallas, Texas.

Corner Store

As the video opens, the camera passes by a little story that offers check cashing, vapes, that sort of thing, you see these all over the place now.


Red Barriers

As we get closer, the viewer can see that much of the front has been caved in with the windows shattered.  Upon closer inspection, it looks as though one of the red barriers that have been installed to keep vehicles from crashing through the store has gone missing.


Coming Up

We then see the side of the building for a few seconds as the car driving the camera person takes its time to get to the back where we see:


All the Way Through

A car has plowed all the way through the store and punctured through the back.  It really looks bad. I've searched and haven't been able to find any updates as to whether or not anyone was seriously injured, but obviously judging from the shape the car is in, there were some injuries for sure. Check out the video for yourself below.


@dallas_texastv Car drove straight through a corner store off Buckner and John West this afternoon (via IG/ dallaspreacher) #Fyp #ForU ♬ original sound - Dallas Texas TV


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