OK, I admit it. I've only seen a few seconds of The Bachelor and that was completely by accident, but we just learned that one of our favorite Country artists will be on next Monday night's show (01.27.20).

The new promo for The Bachelor shows a one on one date with Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller going to a private concert. But, as usual, there's a twist. It turns out the Chase Rice is the performer and he used to date Victoria.

Here's the official show promo.



Long time Chase Rice fans will know that this isn't the first time he's been on one of these "Reality" shows, he was on Survivor: Nicaragua back in 2010 and finished in the Runner Up position. Here's the run-down from ET.



According to Pop Culture, Victoria wasn't the only one to be surprised by crossing paths with an ex, Chase says he had no idea she was going to be there. Was it a surprise to the show runners? Did they do it on purpose? I'll let you be the judge of that.

For now, enough of the drama, tears, and treachery, here's Chase Rice as we're accustomed to hearing from him.



The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 7:00 on ABC TV.

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