Let me be clear about this, I love big V8 engines and most electric vehicles leave me unimpressed. But this new Hummer EV is pretty stinkin' cool.

Since day one, we've had a Hummer H3 as the Bullmobile. I love it. The thing is a tank, it's fun to drive, and even though it's a few years old it still turns heads everywhere we take it. I even like the gritty, snorting sound the exhaust system makes. It also came in really handy for me back in February when I parked my Challenger in the garage and drove the H3 during the great snowpocalypse of 2021.

Dave Diamond
Dave Diamond

12 inches of snow? No problem. I never even had to lock it into four wheel drive, just cruised on down the road like nothing was different.

The new Hummer EV pickup truck was introduced a while back, and now GMC has revealed the new EV SUV. It's everything the older Hummers were and a whole lot more.

I don't know the horsepower rating on the H3, but the new EV SUV can be optioned out to 800 plus ponies under the ... um ... in the ... batteries. While the electric version won't have the satisfying snort and rumble that the internally combusted Hummers did the new pickup is capable of going from 0 to 60 in just over 3 seconds. By comparison the Ford Raptor goes 0 to 60 in about 5.5 seconds and Motor Trend magazine said the 2021 Ram TRX was the quickest pickup truck they'd ever tested at 4.1 seconds. I grew up in the world of big block muscle cars and those are pretty quick times, but the Hummer outruns both of them.

In addition to blazing fast acceleration the new Hummer can also be equipped with something called 'Crabwalk' that allows all four wheels to steer and the vehicle can travel diagonally. In real world driving that could be helpful when parallel parking, something I am woefully awful at.

Cameras showing the vehicle's surroundings are a popular thing these days and the new Hummer has those in spades, even underneath. I suppose that could come in handy when slow crawling over rocks to see exactly where your wheels are and where that big rock is. If that big rock looks like it's going to tear up the underside of your shiny new Hummer pickup just initiate the 'Extract Mode' and the whole vehicle lifts up 6 inches.

New battery technology is improving the performance and cruising range of electric vehicles almost daily and both the Hummer pickup and SUV will have the latest tech available in that area too.

Of course all of that comes at a price. The preorder price for a new Hummer EV SUV with the bells and whistles is over $100k.

I will never tire of the sound of a healthy V8 engine. Being slightly over-cammed and under-muffled only makes them better. But these new EVs from Hummer are pretty cool. I'll just turn the radio up to make up for the lack of engine purr.

Will the new Hummer EV be the next Bullmobile? Not likely, but a guy can dream.

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