You always hear about these incidents in sports, but you never want to be at one. Well, last night I was and here is my perspective.

I Always Thought This Would Be the Lowest Moment in Stars History

^If you want to talk about all time sports bloopers. Patrik Stefan's epic miss on an empty net is something that opposing fans can mock us for eternity. Sadly last night, it was us the fans that made an ass out of ourselves. Obviously, I know this is a minority of the people that were in American Airlines Center last night. This was not one guy or gal though. Things were flying from every area of the arena.

I've never actually seen a period end early because fans were throwing stuff onto the ice. I have seen games cancelled for this behavior, but not do an early intermission to get the ice cleaned off. Then come back for a 20 second period and then start a whole new period. It was weird. Here is something I didn't see from my seat last night, someone threw a whole popcorn bucket at the Las Vegas goalie before they took the ice.

What Started All of This?

This is the moment in the arena when things turned. Jamie Benn gets a five minute major for this penalty. At that time, I thought it was extreme in my seat. Rewatching it here at the station this morning, yeah he deserved that penalty. Las Vegas would score during the penalty time and this is already after giving up a goal in the first two minutes of the game.

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Las Vegas was hands down the better team in game three and deserved to win that game. Fans were pissed and were letting their frustrations out. However, doing what those folks did last night is unacceptable. I wish I could be like it was just one ass**** fan, but sadly it was several last night.

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