She's never gonna live this one down.

Shout out to Dallas Stars forward Justin Dowling who has been playing hockey at different levels for several years, but finally made it to the NHL in 2018 with the Dallas Stars. At 29-years-old he scored his first ever NHL goal against the Calgary Flames. This is awesome for two different reasons.

The first one is obvious, first ever goal in the NHL is moment he will never forget. The second, Justin is from Calgary and had a lot of people in attendance just there for him. The Stars said about 70 of Justin's friends and family were there to cheer him on. One of them who was his mother, Sherry. Who unfortunately missed her son's first ever NHL goal. Wow, what happened?

Well, she says she was dealing with a drink. What does that mean? I have three guesses. 1. Someone spilled a drink on her.

2. She had too much to drink and had to use the bathroom.

3. She was in line getting a drink and missed the goal.

Whatever happened, it's gotta be a bad feeling to be in attendance and miss your kid's first ever NHL goal. Hopefully, Justin doesn't give her too hard of time about it.

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