Just because it has four legs does not mean you can sit there sir.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the Unfortunate Bar Mishap

Well, I love our good friends at The Deep End. Legitimately a fun place to hang out in Wichita Falls. All the arcade games you want for one price? Sign me up. The Deep End does have a rule when it comes to their games. NO DRINKS ON THE ARCADE CABINETS!

Sadly People Break This Rule ALL the Time

Seriously Wichita Falls, we need to do better when it comes to respecting other people's property. The Deep End is a super cheap night out in town and when you ruin their games it could cause them to raise prices in the future. I swear if you people ruin Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for me, you should be banned for life.

The Good News Is The Deep End Has Tables EVERYWHERE to Put Your Drinks

Pretty much every game has a table to set your drinks at if you're taking part in some adult beverages. Enjoy your beers responsibly at The Deep End, but keep them off the games. Sadly someone in Wichita Falls thought one of these tables was a chair and BUSTED THEIR ASS for all of our entertainment.

Introducing This Guy!


Yeah man, it sucks to go viral in Wichita Falls because I will probably write about you. Hopefully you can take a joke and laugh this one off.

Yeah, Not a Chair Man

attachment-Screenshot 2023-09-25 103922

Pop a squat wherever you want at The Deep End. As long as you weigh no more than one of their delicious pizzas. Sadly, this guy weighs more than (not calling him fat by the way). Sadly the table could not handle it and snaps like Aaron Rodgers ACL for the New York Jets.

Oh The Humanity!

attachment-Screenshot 2023-09-25 104247

This girl seems genuinely concerned about this poor fella.

These Two Have a Good Laugh

attachment-Screenshot 2023-09-25 104722

Sometimes you just have to laugh when your friend does something stupid. All in all no one got hurt, but The Deep End is down one table. R.I.P. table, you can only handle so much weight before you break. You will be missed.

Watch This Dude Break a Table at The Deep End

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