Big Fight Breaks Out on Texas Capitol Street!

We'll be breaking down the video at the bottom of this article with no context whatsoever. So there's that.

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I'm not sure any punches were even landed in this fight.

Lots of missed punches

The video opens with a couple of rascals with their dukes up, ready to beat the poo out of each other.


No wrasslin'

At one point, the two boxers hit the ground, where the gathered crowd decides that there will be no wrestling, and stands the fighters back up again for round two.


Too tired to continue

After they stand back up, a bunch of punches are thrown, but it doesn't appear that any of them connect.  After a while, the two pugilists seem to tire out and end up holding each other up as they seemingly run out of energy.



Check out the video below:


After the fight, things calmed down, and the street went back to normal. But everyone is still talking about what happened and wondering if we need to be nicer to each other, even when we don't agree. Maybe what happened in Austin will make us think about how we talk and act when we're mad. Time will tell if things change or if it's just a big, surprising event we'll remember.

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