It's actually a pretty humorous record to have.

Being a Mavericks fan, I have a lot of hate for the San Antonio Spurs. I especially don't like when they break a Mavericks record. This is actually a pretty strange record to break, the quickest coaching ejection in an NBA game ever. From what I could find, the quickest ever happened in 2004 to then-Mavericks head coach Don Nelson.

You can check out the clip above. Alan Henderson on the Mavericks is clearly shoved while he takes his shot and no call. Don Nelson explodes on the bench and said something the ref took offense to. He is thrown out a mere one minute and 33 seconds into the game. Of course, the Spurs had to somehow break this record last night.

Seen below, Popovich got two quick technicals after arguing that a foul should have been called against the Nuggets while defending a missed 13-foot fadeaway jumper by LaMarcus Aldridge with 53 seconds into the game and the Spurs trailing 3-0. This ejection would be exactly thirty seconds shorter than Don Nelsons and we have a new record holder.

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