Like most forms of entertainment, the popularity of stand-up comedy has its ups and downs.  We are currently in one of the most significant upswings the art form has ever seen.  Some have even gone as far as calling it a renaissance.

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Throughout most of the history of stand-up, the hotspots for comedy have either been New York City, or Los Angeles, both cities' scenes anchored by one club with multiple shows every night.  In L.A., it's the Comedy Store, and In NYC, the Comedy Cellar. Now, thanks to several top names in comedy relocating to Austin during the pandemic, the capitol of Texas has quickly become one of the best places in the world to see comedy.

We're outta here!

Most of us have heard or read stories about the great exodus from California to Texas during the Covid shutdown. More specifically, though, many L.A. comedians made the move to Austin, spearheaded by Joe Rogan, the man whose podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience is the number one podcast in the world, with some episodes being downloaded over 40 million times.

Joe left, and others followed

Once Rogan left, it wasn't long before his peers followed.  Tom Segura and Christina P, a married couple and also two of the top comedians and podcasters in their own right, were right behind him.

Next was Tony Hinchcliffe, host of the Kill Tony podcast, which is a brutal open mic showcase at the Vulcan Gas Company in downtown Austin.


Comedy Mothership

Wanting to capture the magic of the Comedy Store and Comedy Cellar, Rogan has purchased the Ritz Theater, formerly home to Alamo Drafthouse, in order to renovate it and turn it into the central Texas version of the aforementioned clubs. He's calling it the Comedy Mothership, and it's going to have several different-sized rooms each of which will hold a different capacity, much like the Comedy Store.

If you're a fan of comedy, get yourself down to Sixth Street in Austin as soon as possible, because this is a once-in-a-generation scene and it's happening right here in the best state, Texas.

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