A lot of fires have been breaking out in North Texas lately, keeping firefighters busy.  Last Friday, a fire broke out at the Manor House in downtown Dallas, after someone set a couch on fire.  Thankfully, nobody was injured, and the fire department was able to extinguish the flames, before the fire spread.  You can read more about that disaster by clicking here.

However, just hours before the fire broke out at the Manor House downtown, an even bigger building caught on fire in North Dallas.   Last Friday, at 10:19 AM Dallas Fire-Rescue responded to a call at 11500 Anaheim Drive, which is located near the I-635 & I-35-E interchange in North Dallas.  When fire fighters arrived on the scene, they found the former Zone D’Erotica building engulfed in flames.

Motorists who were either traveling along I-35-E, or I-635 could see the black smoke for several miles.


It took firefighters, over two hours to extinguish the two-alarm fire.  While the building was burning, the roof ended up collapsing.  Fire investigators say that the collapsed roof will make it difficult to determine the cause of the fire.  Since the building was vacant at the time, nobody was injured in the fire.

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Zone D’Erotica was a sexually oriented business that operated for years as an adult video megastore in North Dallas.  Before everyone had high speed internet in their homes, it was the go-to spot for adult videos, and even had private viewing rooms for its customers.  Over the years the business received numerous complaints about shady dealings going on around the business, and eventually shut down.

You can watch the building burn to the ground, in the video below.

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