The debate was last night and that has of course lead to discussions of which side won. When it comes to Wichita Falls, we all win with these cookies.

"Look to the Cookie"


Our local Wichita Falls bakery Margie's has been making headlines for a couple of weeks now. If you haven't heard, it all started when they made some MAGA cookies. Many in Wichita Falls seemed to enjoy the cookies, but folks outside of our area did not appreciate the sweet treats. This lead to negative reviews for Margie's online. Where folks took it a step too far was actually threatening the workers of Margie's and their families.

MAGA Cookies Have Been Selling Like Crazy

Since the posts of all the hate received from Margie's went viral. The cookies have been selling like crazy. Folks from Wichita Falls are stopping in, people from all over are placing online orders. Now the bakery has even started selling Biden cookies to appease everyone.

Biden Cookies Fresh Out the Oven

Someone actually placed an order for some Biden cookies at Margie's and I am happy to report they're just like me in this situation. If you buy them, they would be happy to make them for you. Now the cookies pictured above are from a custom order. Now Margie's has a Biden slogan cookie competing with the Trump slogan cookie.

BBB Versus MAGA in Wichita Falls Bakery

Margie's should keep a running tally to see which cookies are selling better. It would get people from both sides of aisle to come in and support their favorite candidate. Plus, you get some darn good cookies as well. The "Build Back Better" cookies and the "Make America Great Again" cookies are hopefully some big sellers this week for Margie's. So if you were someone offended by the MAGA cookies, get your butt in the store and buy the BBB ones.

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