I could lose myself in this place for days. 

I may be 50, but there’s a forever 15-year-old boy living inside of me. And every now and then I have to let him out. 

For instance, many of my friends my age no longer play video games. But I still love to fire up the old Xbox for some MLB The Show or Red Dead Redemption action. I’m pretty sure I’ll never outgrow that stuff.

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And the same could be said for amusement parks. Put me on a roller coaster (or pretty much any type of amusement park ride) and I will be grinning from ear to ear the whole time. 

So, I’m thinking a trip to Tom Foolerys Adventure Park in Round Rock is in order. 

Not only does it boast a bunch of cool rides, there’s also an arcade. It’s the perfect combination of two things that I love. 

The park also has escape rooms, miniature golf, rock climbing, a bar for the adults, and a lot more. Get the lowdown on their official website. 

Probably the best thing about Tom Foolerys is that it is part of the massive Kalahari Resorts & Conventions that also contains an indoor waterpark that is included with your stay (you have to pay a little bit more per night for admission to Tom Foolerys). 

If you’re ready to experience the awesomeness for yourself, book your stay here.

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