He thought he had the perfect crime, but the iPads have a fail safe if they're missing.

Over in Deer Park, Texas, local police have been looking for several iPads that have been missing from the local school district. The district estimates that around $41,000 worth of iPads were stolen. Since it looks like schools could be going online to start the year, these iPads are much needed for students and teachers. Police arrested Alexander Garcia for the crime and it turns out the iPads can't be used.

Someone recently brought one into the police station. They said they recently bought it on Ebay and a message came up on the screen that this iPad is missing from the Deer Park School District. That message doesn't go away and will only unlock when the original owner puts in the password. Basically, these iPads are useless for anyone other than the school district.

Several victims have been in contact with the Pasadena Police Department and are working to get the devices back to the school so they are available for students come the fall semester. Police are asking for help locating the remaining stolen iPads and “returning these devices to the district and ultimately to the children they belong with.” Garcia is currently out on bond and has not been cooperating with investigators, police said.

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