I imagine a visit from the health inspector will be taking place this week.s

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As someone who worked in the restaurant industry for a period of time. Nothing will hurt your reputation more than someone saying you have mice or bugs at your establishment. Obviously one of those things being in the kitchen is awful, when it's actually in the restaurant where a customer can see. Oh boy do you have a problem on your hands.

Mouse Runs Around Wichita Falls Restaurant

According to Andy Kulka, his boss recorded this video on Friday night from Back Porch off of Kell Boulevard. While watching the video, I thought this supposed 'mouse' was just a toy. It's not moving, but when someone goes to try and get it in a beer bucket. That thing goes running for the hills. Nope, that's a real mouse.

Backporch Drafthouse Most Recent Health Inspection

According to the latest report from the City of Wichita Falls done by Dwight Williams. Backporch Drafthouse was given a score of 99 out of a possible 100. Which is near perfect. This inspection took place literally one week ago on January 15, 2024. A link to the health inspection report can be found here. On page three of the report it says Backporch will be doing a remodel on February 11th, hopefully that includes removing the mouse home as well.

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Real Quick, My Favorite Mouse at a Restaurant in Texas Video

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