Surprisingly, no law states an adult has to be home with your child.

Here is what I understand from the law here in Texas. No law exists stating that an adult has to be present in the house with a child. You can leave your child alone in the house if you believe they're responsible enough. However, if something happens to the kid, you can be charged then with child neglect. This is according to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

A group of parents here in North Texas is trying to get a law passed in our state. Making it illegal to leave a child under the age of five home alone. They're calling the law 'Sherin's Law', named after three-year-old Sherin Mathews. You may remember her story, where her father claimed he left her outside as a punishment for not finishing her milk.

The other reason for this law is due to the death of Sherin Matthews. Her father did not report her missing for several hours to police. Sherin's Law would also charge parents for not reporting their kid is missing in at least one hour. It is believed that Sherin's father had something to do with her death, but that case has not gone to court yet.

The North Texas group has already met with one state representative and has meetings scheduled with others to make this law a reality.

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