University of North Texas history professor Andrew Torget is trying to become a part of history. He will attempt to teach a lesson on Texas history that will last 24 hours or more.

In some countries, this would be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Here in Texas, it is a Guinness World Record. The event is scheduled for August 24 at 9 am

“It sounds a bit crazy, but the plan is to cover the entire breadth of Texas history, from cavemen up to the present, in a single nonstop lesson,” Torget said in a news release. “Our driving goal is to raise awareness and support for all the tremendous work that the UNT Libraries do in preserving historical records from the Texan past and making them freely available online.”

Here is the thing that sucks, he must have witnesses in the classroom to be a part of this. He can't just teach to an empty classroom to achieve the record. Participants do not need to be enrolled at the university. If you would like a 24-hour history lesson, you can sign up here.  The only way I am sitting in that classroom is if I automatically pass the entire semester.

I honestly believe if you need Texas history to graduate at UNT, you should be able to sit through this entire lesson. Take a final and if you pass, you pass the class. A 24-hour class is about three weeks of a normal class, so almost like taking it over the summer. Make this happen UNT.

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