This is awesome and weird at the exact same time. We need to discuss this.

Remember in your textbooks you had that section in the front to write whose book it was for the year? Shelly Bryan Parker shared a photo of her daughter's book she was assigned for classes. Her daughter Marley was ecstatic to find out it was Blake Shelton's at one point, who did go to school in Ada, Oklahoma. Shelly and I have the same opinion on this situation. Why is a kid in 2018 getting a book from that long ago?

Turns out Blake was assigned this book in 1982! The book is Look Away (Keys to Reading) which was first published in 1980. Those teachers in Oklahoma that are striking are right about those classroom materials. No kid should be assigned a textbook that is almost three decades old.

Textbooks should be switched out every decade from what I have been told. Just natural wear and tear from different kids being assigned them and also new information is always being put into books. Come on Oklahoma, you can do better.

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