The Duke boys did it in a Dodge Charger. Jake and Elwood did it in a Dodge Monaco. You knew someone was going to try it in real life.

And wouldn't you know it, they did it in a Dodge, too. Maybe the Dodge brothers worked some kind of "You can do it!" mojo into their vehicles.

The other night someone in a Dodge R/T sedan decided he wasn't going to wait and took a shot at jumping Detroit's 4th Street Bridge even though the gates were down and the decking was up.

He made it across, but tore up his car and the crossing gate on the far end in the process. The news coverage from a WDIV4 in Detroit is a lot of fun to watch. Nobody had ever seen anyone actually try this before.

The driver said he did it because he was filled with whippits. The police actually referred to the call as a "Dukes of Hazzard" event, the bridge operator called it a "Blues Brothers" jump.

While we don't yet have any actual video of this major feat of insanity, we do have the movie versions and can picture the scene playing out something like this.

You know what they say, MOPAR or No Car. This guy added, "No guts, no glory." Maybe he should have poured some Red Bull in the tank before he tried to fly his Dodge over the river.

At least he'll have a good tale to tell while he chills in jail.

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