It's not every day that an artist sends us his CD in the mail, so finding a package from a label in Austria was a complete surprise.

I was curious as to what this Austrian Country Music singer might sound like, but I don't even have a CD player in my office any more. So I did a quick search on YouTube and found his promo video for this CD.

While it's not the type of thing we're likely to play on 102.3 The Bull I did enjoy listening to it and have to give a hat-tip to Peter Jordan. The guy is definitely living the dream. He's got more than one album to his name; has his own web site; he has his music on WIR Records, what looks like a pretty active label in Europe; and he's getting noticed by me at a Radio station here in Texas.

I've been told that European audiences love the old-school, rootsy, Americana Country music sound, along with its sometimes corny sense of humor and Peter's record goes a long way to confirm that.

Peter, you may refer to yourself as a clown, but you're a hero to me. I love what you're doing and I hope you have a huge following in and around Austria.

Keep living the dream, my friend. Keep living the dream.

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