Last week was 'Shark Week' and we guess someone really wanted a shark after a recent binge on Discovery Channel.

This past Saturday over in San Antonio, someone stole a gray horn shark from the local aquarium. Around 2:15 p.m., two people reach into a tank and just grabbed the shark right out of there. Another individual wrapped the shark in a blanket, put it in a stroller and they walked right out the front door. Aquarium employees tried to stop them, but the shark thieves were able to drive off.

They also had a bucket, which had a beach solution that hurt some of the wildlife in the tank. This could mean these folks could face additional charges for that as well. The suspects were seen trying to sell the shark on Facebook. Police were unaware of the Facebook post found by KENS5 in San Antonio. The Chief of Police did say if this is a valid post from the group, then police will release that information.

This story does have a happy ending. The shark was returned to the aquarium yesterday morning. Two people have confessed to the crime, but a total of three individuals were involved. Police are still looking for the third person.

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