Good news for those who like to use a thumbs up or smiley face emoji in your correspondence, it's now perfectly acceptable to do so at work.

Customer Thermometer just published the results of a study and some of the findings were surprising. For instance, 22.5% of Americans surveyed said they regularly used emoji in work emails. That number jumps way up for personal messages, but that's a pretty high number for official work messaging.

55% of respondents indicated that they thought that emoji were helpful in setting a tone for their message. Sometimes words alone can be taken completely differently than they were intended, respondents thought that simply adding a smiley face helped to keep things on track.

Image courtesy Customer Thermometer
Image courtesy Customer Thermometer

When we're away from work and just messaging family and friends we use emoji ALL THE TIME. Between emails, text messages and social media posts the average American uses 34.7 emoji each day! While 19% of men and 12% of women say they don't use emoji, among those that do men use them more than women with 35.9 versus 32.8 uses.

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