Remember when Tesla introduced their exciting new Cybertruck in November of last year and everyone thought it looked like an SFX reject from a Terminator or Blade Runner movie? Well, it's now a Hot Wheels toy.

Actually, it's two. One in the traditional Hot Wheels size of 1:64 scale to operate on all of your Hot Wheels track pieces, the other a much larger 1:10 scale model that can run up to 25 mph. Both radio controlled.

Mattell teased us with this short video clip of the small version.

The Mattel website has a much longer video with shots of both sized toys in all of their glorious radio controlled action. The video even has the larger version in a tug of war with a Ford pickup truck and having it's shatterproof window shattered.

Both toys are available for pre-order now, the smaller version at $20, and the larger version with functioning headlights, tonneau cover, a telescoping tailgate that can open into a ramp, and removable body parts to access the interior for $400.

We're still months away from Christmas, but this is definitely going on my list.

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