Texans were not happy with the Super Bowl and they let their voices be heard to the FCC.

The FCC officially released how many complaints they got about the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Over 1,300 complaints came in following the performance from 49 different states. Vermont was the only state to have no one send in a complaint. Texas had the most with 140 official complaints. You can see the full complaint list here.

Here are some of my favorites:

"I do not subscribe to The Playboy Channel, we do not buy porn for $20 a flick, we simply wanted to sit down as a family and watch the Super Bowl," a viewer from Tennessee wrote.

"God forbid we expected to watch football and a quick concert, but instead had our eyes molested," One critic from Illinois wrote.


Someone from Indiana had this to say, "No pole dancing, no nudity, no crotch grabbing, no indecent costumes. Just good music. Could be inspirational or uplifting or even patriotic."

All I'm going to say is, I saw Janet Jackson's whole boob at a Super Bowl Halftime Show and I survived. The children will survive.

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Halftime Show
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