We have all seen the commercials for those apps where you can directly sell items to people in your area. This guy was lucky to get away after using one. 

An app called "Offer Up” is probably not liking this story about their app. A San Antonio man, whose identity has not been revealed, recently tried to sell his phone on the app. He thought a safe place to do the exchange would be at a McDonalds. Nice crowded place, should be safe. Well, it wasn't.

The man was forced into his own vehicle and demanded to know where he lived. The robbers drove off and they ended up at a convenience store. The victim attempted to flee, but the robbers caught him and pistol-whipped him. The victim attempted to get away again. This time the robbers fired shots, but no one was hit.

The robbers took this man's vehicle and it was later recovered on I-35. Police are looking for four men in a tan or brown Crown Victoria. When they are caught, police said they will face aggravated robbery charges.

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