This guy wanted to hunt like our ancestors did. By that I mean like a caveman hunted, only he still wanted to use modern-day artillery and not a club.

The strange stories that come to us from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens. They send out field notes to us every week and this week we got a juicy one. Over in Gregg County, Texas a man was busted hunting in the nude. When you hunt in the nude, you obviously don't have a hunting license on you either. Unless he had it up his butt, which he did not.

When this was taken to the judge, this guy was actually trying to fight the charges. Fight didn't last long though in court. The game warden gave the judge his body cam footage. After watching it for a just few seconds the judge abruptly stopped the video and walked out ruling in the state’s favor. The activist promptly cancelled all appeals and settled the citations, which included: hunting without a license, shooting across a property line, and disorderly conduct.

So remember folks don't hunt in the nude, especially without your hunting license.

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