I promise you, if this happened to me I would have wrecked my car. I don't mess around with snakes. 

Over in Levelland Texas, a pair of guys were freaking out after something crawled out of the hood of their truck while driving down the road. Swode Moyers and his coworker Zakary Wyatt shared the video from this past Monday of the incident. They began filming when they saw a head poking out of the hood.

That is when a very long snake slithered out. People in the comments of the video are saying that it is a bull snake, but I am no snake expert. The big guy got all the way out on the hood and even after a peel off was still able to hold on.

The guys gave out a nice yell when it turned around towards them. Moyers wrote on Facebook, “It did finally get off OK and I didn't have to get out of the truck!"

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