Looks like the good book got revenge on this lady's house.

Over in San Antonio yesterday morning, local fire crews were called out about a blaze at duplex. "We had heavy fire showing for basically two residential structures. We started applying waters much as we could," said Captain John Flores with the San Antonio Fire Department. What caused the fire to start? Looks like it can be traced to the backyard where the duplex neighbor started by lighting a Bible on fire.

The fire quickly spread in the grass, then onto the duplex. John Bailey lives on the other side of the duplex and said the woman came to alert him about the fire. Bailey said he and his sister lost all of their medication in the fire and their five dogs are being taken to an animal shelter until they can find temporary shelter. "Hopefully we can go and stay with relatives," Bailey said.

The woman who started the fire was arrested by the San Antonio police department. No injuries were reported in the incident.

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