They started with twelve, then whittled it down to three. Three classic toys to be inducted to the National Toy Hall of Fame in New York.

According to UPI, the original twelve finalists included Bingo, Breyer Horse, Lite-Brite, Masters of the Universe, My Little Pony, Risk, Sorry!, Tamagotchi, and Yahtzee. none of which made the top three.

Those top three did include Baby Nancy, Sidewalk Chalk, and Jenga.

Baby Nancy is a doll that was created in 1968 and quickly became the top selling Black doll in Los Angeles. Although the company that created Baby Nancy, Shindana Toys, went out of business in 1983, the doll is credited with being a landmark in the toy industry and a commercial and cultural breakthrough.

Sidewalk Chalk also made the top three. This toy is widely regarded as being one of the earliest examples of an artistic toy. We've all created our own Sidewalk Chalk masterpieces. Only to watch them fade away as the days roll on.

The third member of the top three toys to be inducted in 2020 was Jenga. Who doesn't love a good Jenga game? The higher the tower, the greater the excitement with each new move. Jenga was invented by Leslie Scott, an Englishwoman who drew on childhood memories of wooden block toys in Africa. The universal attraction of the game is its simplicity and the ability of nearly anyone to play it.

The Strong National Museum of Play made the announcement of the 2020 inductees earlier this week.

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