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I have to imagine that there aren't a whole lot of laughs on the job when you're a tow truck driver.

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When people call a tow truck, they aren't having their best day. That's what makes this video so funny.

That's Some Fancy Crashing You Did There

The man in the video at the bottom of this article somehow got his car almost straight up and down in a ditch in Dallas, Texas. You can see the skid marks behind his car as he obviously noticed (too late) that he was heading for a ditch.

No Reason to Get Out of the Car in This Texas Heat

My question is: Why did the guy stay seated in his car? That couldn't have been a comfortable way to sit, right? Maybe he wanted the air conditioning or had something bumpin' on the radio.

Laughing at the Driver's Expense

As the crowd gathers to watch, the tow truck driver has a bit of a chuckle, and I think I know why. I actually crashed my first car into a ditch just like this when I was 17 years old. It was super foggy out, and I simply didn't see the ditch. One tow truck could not get me out, they had to call a special truck in and it took both of them together to get me out.

Good Clean Fun?

I like how the driver also seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about it. It looks like the car didn't take much damage and will probably just need a new bumper, but that's hard to say as the front is under water. Good times!

Check out the video below


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