Soon you won’t have to travel to Colorado, New Mexico, or Utah to go skiing.  In fact, you’ll be able to go snowboarding in the summertime, without ever leaving the great state of Texas.

Alpine-X is planning on opening up two indoor ski resorts in Texas.  The company has already had enormous success with its facility in Virginia, and now they want to bring the concept to the Lone Star State.

One facility will be built in Austin, while the other one will be constructed somewhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.   If they are successful, then the company may build additional resorts in other cities across the state.

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Each location will have multiple areas dedicated to skiing and snowboarding, and will even offer lessons to those who are new to the sport.  There will even be a separate area where you can play in the snow, and even have a snowball fight with your friends.  Both ski resorts will also have multiple restaurants to choose from, and will even have a hotel for tourists.

As someone who has been skiing since I was in the 8th grade, I am super excited that I won’t have to drive another state to hit the slopes.  I may have to drive down to Dallas, at least once a month to get my fill.  If you see me dressed in a winter coat when it’s over 100 degrees outside, then I’m probably headed to the Alpine-X indoor skiing facility.

Both the Austin and DFW locations are scheduled to open sometime in early 2025.

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