Witness the Power of Solidarity as UPS Workers Take a Stand

Please pay these people, I don't like shopping in physical brick-and-mortar stores anymore.

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The video at the bottom of this post is simply a car driving by striking workers in Mesquite, Texas, which is part of the Dallas/Fort Worth greater metropolitan area.

Online Only

Since the covid lockdowns, many people, myself included, have realized the joy of online shopping. There's almost nothing I would walk into Walmart and buy now when I can have Walmart bring it to me at no extra cost. Why?


Because of this, UPS and FedEx have experienced massive growth as companies, With UPS raking in over 100 billion dollars last year.  That's billion with a B.

Pay Up

All that money and their part-timers get $20 an hour.  Folks, we ALL should be making $40 an hour at least, to even start making up for the last 40 years of inflation.  If you're sitting there thinking, "Well that's not fair, they shouldn't make that much money, I went to college and I don't make that much," you've got your anger in the wrong place, bucko. These billionaires would still get richer, just at a slightly slower pace, if they would just pay fair wages. If people who worked at fast food restaurants were making $40 an hour, you could always hang that over your bosses' heads!

You know what, Mark, I'm tired of this bullsh*t.  They're paying people $40 an hour to refill tea at Long John Silvers. I quit!

Raise the minimum wage and we'll all start making more money.

Anyway, here's the video.


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