Robberies are not at all uncommon in the big city, but not so much in broad daylight. 

Video shared on Twitter by Dallas Texas TV shows a couple of construction workers in South Dallas doing their thing when a couple of guys approach them. 

The clip doesn’t have any sound, but it appears that the two guys engaged the workers in discussion before one of the guys pulls a gun and demands money from the workers. The workers promptly (and wisely) complied before the two muggers ran off. 

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The incident lasted less than 30 seconds, but I would imagine it felt like a lifetime to the two guys being robbed. 

You do see a couple of cars drive by while it’s going on, but unless someone saw the guy pulling the gun, they probably wouldn’t have any idea the robbery was taking place. Not that it would be smart for a civilian to intervene, but oh it would’ve been sweet for a cop to roll up on them while it was happening.

But alas, that's not what happened. Instead, a couple of working men were robbed at gunpoint while just trying to do their jobs.

It’s hard to identify the two robbers, but hopefully, someone has a clue about their identity and does the right thing by turning them in. Otherwise, this might just be yet another robbery that goes unsolved in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. 

And that’s a damn shame.

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