It had a catchy name and I had to try it.

So this past weekend I went to Back Porch for lunch. Hadn't been there in a couple of months and it's a great place to get a burger with a beer. Back Porch has got quite a few beers on tap and I originally ordered a Downshift, which is one of the Wichita Falls Brewery beers (Support your local brewery folks). This one on the menu caught my eye though.

420 Strain Mango Kush? Excuse me, is there an underground weed dispensary here that you're not telling me about? Nope, that's the name of a real beer from Sweet Water Brewery over in Georgia. I didn't order it, but my girlfriend saw it on the menu and asked our waitress about it after we got our food. She said it smells exactly like marijuana and I called B.S. immediately. So I ordered one and guys. It smelled EXACTLY like marijuana. They apparently brew it with marijuana leaves or something.

No, it doesn't get you high and it doesn't taste like weed. It tastes like beer, but while you drink it, you're smelling weed. It's weird and you need to experience it for yourself.  I would suggest giving it a try so you can say you have had it once in your life.

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