Might as well have left a treasure map right back to your house, man. 

Some people just should not be criminals, well, nobody should be a criminal, but some people really shouldn't. Add this guy to that list.

20-year-old Tyler Haase was arrested in Wichita Falls Tuesday night for robbery. He allegedly stole a TV, game system, and DVDs. Inside of the house that was robbed, a drawstring backpack was left behind.

Inside the backpack, police found cigarettes, drug paraphernalia and a cell phone. Also a Texas ID card listing Haase's name and nearby address. The officer recognized Haase from a previous burglary in the same area in which entry was through a broken window.

Officers went to the address and spoke to Haase's father, who said his son no longer lived there. He gave officers his son's cell phone number, and when they called it, the phone in the backpack began ringing, and a photo of Haase came up on the screen saver.

Haase bond was set at $50,000.

Come on, man! Don't leave evidence behind to link back to yourself. That's like rule number one of being a criminal.