Don't do drugs, kids. Also, don't steal drugs, kids. 

Salvador Prieto Jr. has been arrested after Wichita Falls police found him with a pretty good pile of methamphetamine and a pistol. Police got a tip on September 25 that Prieto had allegedly stolen the drugs and gun from a local dealer.

The informant told police that Prieto was staying at the Wayfarer Motel. The informant also told police the drug dealer was planning to attack Perito with another firearm as retaliation for the theft.

Police acted quickly before a firefight ensued. Police found Prieto at the motel and caught him walking out of his room. He had the gun on him and the methamphetamine in his backpack. It came out to be 9.25 grams. He also had a working scale and several plastic baggies.

Prieto has been charged with manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance of more than four grams but less than 200 grams, unlawful possession of a firearm and several other drug charges. Prieto remained in the Wichita County Jail in lieu of $97,050 total bail.

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