They promised us Szechuan sauce in 2018 and it's finally here.

McDonald's messed up really bad back in October 2017. Everyone has been wanting to try this Szechuan sauce for months since it appeared in an episode of Rick and Morty. Rick goes back to 1998 and enjoys this random sauce. So McDonald's agreed to bring it back, well sort of.

Only certain McDonald's had them, nearest one to us was a two-hour drive. Oklahoma got completely screwed out of Szechuan sauce. Here is the other thing, they only gave stores a small amount. From what I heard about fifty packets at some locations. The sauce was gone in a matter of minutes. McDonald's admitted they did not take this demand seriously and would bring it back in 2018.

szechuan sauce

I have been patiently waiting since then. I was hoping for a New Year's Day surprise, but sadly nothing. Then the photo above was posted of a shipment of Szechuan sauce to a McDonald's. Looks legit, even expires in 2018. So you know it is the new sauce. I have contacted some McDonald's in our area and they admit to having it. However, they cannot give it to us until February 26.

Looks like McDonald's is having a special announcement tomorrow (February 22) with a podcast.Hey McDonald's, just give me the sauce. I don't care about your podcast, I just want to try this stuff already. It's almost been a full year since that 'Rick and Morty' episode aired, just give it to the people.

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