Tell me you're a piece of s*** without telling me you're a piece of s***.

Allow me to introduce you to one of my biggest pet peeves. People that dine and dash. I can tell you have never worked in the service industry because you would never do this to someone if you have. I used to work in a steakhouse and dealt with some truly awful people. No one was worse than the folks that dined and dashed. I would rather you stiff me on a tip than do that to me.

Well it looks like some Wichita Falls trash decided to go have a nice meal at Samurai of Tokyo this week. Unfortunately for these lowlifes, Samurai has some pretty nice security cameras. So we're all able to see what they look like. If anybody happens to notice them, please tag them in this story.

Also, if you're one of the ones that did this. Go pay for your stolen meal at Samurai and I don't want to hear any excuse from people saying, 'You don't know what they're going through'. They ran up an eighty dollar tab, they knew what they were doing when they walked in there.

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Also folks, remember to tip your servers when you go out to eat. Many servers have to deal with crap like this all the time. Hopefully, these folks learn their lesson. If they keep getting away with it, they probably won't. So call them out if you recognize them.

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