"Oh No!" says the Kool-Aid man when you steal his super cheap drink.

It's starting to get warmer out there and we're all looking for a way to cool off. We all spent our childhood sipping on some Kool-Aid on a hot day. For less than a dollar, you get that packet, some water, some sugar and you have a nice refreshing drink. One Wichita Falls resident decided she was going to five finger discount some Kool-Aid.

The Wichita Falls Police Department was dispatched last week to the United Supermarket on Old Iowa Park Road. Natasha Latchett was detained at the front of the store. She was found with two Kool-Aid packets in her shirt and two in her front pocket. Police say because Latchett has previous theft convictions, the new theft charge is upgraded to a state jail felony.

Latchett was booked into the Wichita County Jail with a $3,500 bond but has since bonded out. Hopefully, she eventually got a nice cup of refreshing Kool-Aid.

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