OK, I get it. Not every romantic entanglement works out the way you want it to. But should you light your ex's car on fire when things go badly? In a word, no.

This video has been making the social media rounds lately. In it you can clearly see the unhappy woman pour gasoline into her ex boyfriend's Jeep, then reach into the vehicle with a long-stemmed lighter, the type you would use for a fireplace. She apparently thought the long reach of the lighter would allow her to light the accelerant safely. She thought wrong. Way wrong.

When the flame from the lighter got to the fuel vapors her plan for revenge exploded in her face. Literally knocking her backward into the car in the next parking space.

Once she regained her composure a bit she quickly gathered up her implements of destruction and fled the scene. Whoever shot the video continued to record as the Jeep went up in flames.

According to the Metro Detroit News the woman was later arrested and charged with arson. She was treated for minor cuts and burns and will be back in court in early August.

It's unclear what motivated her to do this but she's very fortunate she wasn't injured any more badly than she was. No matter how wrong a relationship goes, when you're tempted to fire-bomb your exes vehicle, don't. Just don't.

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