Due to the weather and road conditions the City of Wichita Falls offices are closed, but the Utility Collections office reminds you that there is a way to check on your water usage online.

If you're a City of Wichita Falls water customer and you're concerned with how much water you've used, potentially from a leak, you can access your current usage by registering an account on MyH20. To do that, go to WichitaFallsTX.gov, then Utility Payments. From there you can create or log into your MyH20 account.

City of Wichita Falls Press Release
City of Wichita Falls Press Release

You'll need your account number from your utility bill. When you register for MyH20 only use your house number and the numbers to the left of the dash. Once you've created an account or logged into an existing one you can see the current water usage on that account.

If you have a water emergency contact the City of Wichita Falls Utility Collections department at 940-761-4333. That number will be answered 24 hours a day.


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