Time to show some love to the Burkburnett police department just north of Wichita Falls.

When I first saw the video I was like, 'Five minutes long? What song did they pick?' Turns out Burk PD couldn't settle on just one song and decided to do snippets of four different songs.

First up, Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line 'Meant to Be. The best part of this one is the comment on the video. 'I’m going to speed through your town just so I can meet the hottie who pulls the car over at the 1:00 mark. 😍'  I recommend not speeding through any parts of Texas.

Next, we head on over to Boomtown Bay Aquatic Center for some Zedd, Marren Morris, and Grey with 'The Middle.' Also some random shots from the police station and the trio of call screener girls.

Time for the star of the show. Whoever this officer is, you could tell he lived for this moment to lip sync Drake 'God's Plan'. Looks like his name is Stubblefield? You go man.

Finally, we close out the Lip-Sync Challenge with the classic 'Don't Stop Believin' A song that we all have caught ourselves singing along with.

Good job guys. So who did it better Burkburnett PD, Wichita Falls PD, or Wichita County Sheriff's Office, or maybe it was the Lawton Fire Department? I will let you guys debate that one in the comments.

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